energyhealingWhat do I do? Well it’s simple really, I help people feel  happier.  On a deeper level, a subconscious level by using a medley of modalities to access their subconscious programs and patterns, their hidden memories, and painful stories, their fears, doubts, insecurities and pain-  It is this subconscious part of us that is actually creating all the drama in our life. Did you realise that you are creating ALL that is in your reality RIGHT Now?? Not any one else just you- and you do it blindly driven by the negative filters that you subconscious hold onto.  Remember that kid who was mean to you in grade 1? told you were stupid?? chances are you still on some level believe that kid and everything you do to try and prove you are smart is clouded and held back by that belief and you don’t even know it is there!!

Your subconscious mind is so much stronger than your conscious one, so you can keep on striving, pushing and showing to create a magical life all you like BUT you are never going to get where you are going if you subconscious is filled with negativity.  My job is to find the block in your subconscious, coax it out, find the awareness for your healing and then fill that empty space with positive emotions so that the subconscious filter is now CLEAN and CLEAR… 

We are trapped in the past, our subconscious keeps us there and then filters every experience through the past, especially anything painful or negative we have ever experienced.  Body’s don’t understand current time, so say we are 29 years old and something triggers a fear in us, we are instantly transported back to say 3 years of age when we were a neglected child.  Then from that immature and painful state our conscious mind tries to move forward positively but is held back by this previous experience. Crazy huh!! yep,, the good news is I know how to find those old memories, unblock the pain and clean your filters.

Watch this little video for an idea of what I do and how it will change your life

E motion Trailer 

We are here to learn, grow and heal, that’s why we have crappy stuff happen because that is where our biggest healing and learning comes from-  I would love to work with you and assist you in letting go of the drama once and for all

1 hour sessions are $110 – available by Skype, phone or in person. 

email or mobile 0402 462 804