Tired of living the same life over and over again? Tried everything to CHANGE but nothing works?? Ever want to give up? but know that you can’t?? Excellent!! welcome to your own spiritual awakening.  Pre my own “awakenment”, I thought that the experience would be peaches and pixie dust!! ha ha ha… how wrong was I!!!!!

A spiritual or conscious awakening usually shakes us up big time.. It demonstrates a time to take check, to look within, and time to take responsiblity for the life and experiences you have created..

10 years ago when my spiritual “team” told me that I had created my reality of pain, anger, disease and sadness – I did not believe them! Totally caught up in the victim mentality and blaming every one else I couldn’t see the reasoning behind this. I turned away from the path and tried to create a new life on my own without a spiritual and conscious foundation- how do you reckon that worked for me?? Not good.  But here I am many years later, many healings, and many modalities later- HAPPY!! I thought I was chasing a whole pile of other realities, eg wealth, adventure, fun, success etc but ultimately those things are just icing on the cake when you are truly HAPPY.

Now the road from there to here was not easy, fun or fruitful for a long time- I kept repeating a lot of old patterns- do you do that too?? But here I am today a trained facilitator in many modalities, a student of life, and an explorer of conscious living.  That is “living a life of conscious choice” using high vibrational tools to ensure that I face my stuff daily, I release and surrender what does not serve me, I address the challenges in my life with passion knowing that they are another lesson a gift to ensure I move forward in my life with passion, purpose and ease.  I can show you how to do that too!!!!

In my Vibrational Healing sessions I assist others to facilitate change in their lives. I work with women and men who want more out of life. Not content to just LIVE their life, they want to LOVE it too… I show them how to create lasting change by raising their vibration using Body Consciousness tools, Energy healing and doTerra essential oils and life coaching techniques.

My sessions can be done face to face in Coolum or via skype or phone…AND I would love to support you to create the life you desire, dream of and deserve. 

x Natalie

 Natalie 054E