Coming Home to Self- Mooloolaba November 23rd 2016. 

Are you ready to CHANGE?? Have you tried everything and still end up where you started from? Has another year gone by and those 10 extra kilo haven’t disappeared? Do you panic when you see your bank balance? Are your relationships still rocky or non existent. Do you STILL feel, fed up, left out, and burnt out? 

Are you prepared to continue this way and spend one more day living a unconscious life? Are you really going to let another month go by without creating CHANGE?

NO!! I knew it!! I knew you were the one who was ready to wake up, and demand more from your life. 

To create any change in our life requires commitment and consistency.  There is nothing permanent or easy about QUICK FIXES!! We know that to be true so WHY do we keep believing in all these wonder cures? 

BUT the first place to start is with SELF! – I speak to so many women who struggle to take care for self- to make time for self- to really be honest and sit with what it is that SHE truly desires for herself and her life.

This event will take you to a place of understanding within where you will find what you need to discover YOU, discover what your true hearts desire and purpose is. 

Everything you ever dreamed off is POSSIBLE! We just have to find out what is holding you back, what patterns, programs, fears and doubts that stand in your way. It is all just ENERGY!! and it is no brainer to work out that a negative reality is created by negative energy… So let’s work together and clean up your energy so you can begin to create your life from a positive and powerful place.

I look forward to creating a wonderful event, a safe space, a fun space for you to re connect with you! the goddess that you are!

love Natalie 


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