Natalie McIvor

Natalie is passionate about bringing inspirational speakers together to support other women who desire change in their life and relies upon a whole medley of modalities to support her own personal growth. 

Luanne Simmons

 Goddess on Purpose  is a Hand Analyst &  Life Purpose personal coach and is considered one of the most highly sought after personal coaches with in the Australian Self-development field. She understands the challenges women face and the hurdles that delay our dreams.

Kim Eibrink-Jansen

Fast Tube
The Body Whisperer” Kim has worked with many clients nationally & internationally who have chronic illness, pain, injury, depression, anxiety, fears & is excited to share all these secrets and more as to how you can “Tap” into your subconscious and find your blocks. 

Lyndsey Baigent

Fast Tube
What would your life look like  if you were able to Discover your Natural Gifts and Abilities? Lyndsey can show you what they are and how to use them to create a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. 

Jenni Mears

Jenni is the inspiring founder of Heart Radiant Women As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Intuitive Coach, Tantric Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker, The Art of Feminine Presence Teacher and Fembodiment © Teacher, Jenni has empowered and helped many women achieve their dreams.

Annemarie Cross

Fast Tube”Understanding Your Money Mindset & Money DNA”. Annemarie is a Money Mindset Coach and in this workshop you’ll find out why the same money issues keep showing up,and why women tend to give their power and money away.

Vikki Kelly

The Pay attention Effect.
Vikki Kelly has over 20 years experience in mindfulness training.  Her passion in helping people to harness the power of ‘paying attention’ in everyday life has offered her opportunities to learn from some of the worlds leading researchers.  Vikki brings you their astounding findings in this entertaining, insightful presentation which is sure to transform the way you work, love, parent and live.

Jackie Wright

Body Consciousness 
Fast TubeBody Consciousness is a complete system of energetic processes and tools that create change and shows you how to attract what you want in your life easily. Jackie will be sharing with you how energy works in your body and tips for you to use immediately to bring peace, abundance and balance into your life.  

Britta Morrison

Goddess Playshops Fast TubeBritta hosts Goddess Playshops where women of all ages, stages and careers come to connect with each other and the Goddess within. A Goddess Playshop is where women of all ages and races, shapes and sizes, come to connect with each other and with the Goddess inside each and every one of us in a safe and nurturing environment. It’s empowering. It’s exhilarating. It can even be life-changing. As women, we often don’t get a chance to nurture ourselves. A Goddess Playshop is a warm and nurturing sanctuary where you’re guided every step of the way to connect with the Goddess within. This workshop will give you a taste of the Goddess Playshop experience, and involve you in soul soothing and self-building activities with your Goddess ‘sistars’.  

Genine Howard

The Dream Genie
inspiring women to create their own success. Fast TubeGenine has recently studied under Brian Mayne to become a Certified Goal Mapping Coach and is transforming people’s lives with her own unique style and way. Genine is a professionally-trained public speaker with over 20 years experience.She is a ‘tell it like it is’ presenter with a knack for getting to the point and delivering with a punch! We will be doing our own goal mapping workshop with Genine… what will we uncover?????