Natalie McIvor describes herself as an “eternal student of life” who is fascinated by learning how people think, and why they act the

stevie jpegway they do. Gathering    together over 15 years of experience working with women as they journey through their life, letting go of past hurts, uncovering patterns and programs that no longer serve and mentoring clients to let go of limiting beliefs, Natalie now believes that to move through life with ease, one must draw on a tapas of tools for creating change.

Having trained in many modalities including; Reiki, Theta Healing, Body Consciousness and Access Consciousness, Ho’oponopono, meditation, yoga, and delving into Buddhism, Natalie has blended together what she calls “ The recipe for life”. Just like you can’t make a cake with one ingredient, nor can you make a life for yourself without blending many “ingredients” (ie. Different life tools,) together.

Natalie is fascinated by how the mind works to distract us and either keep us in the past or propel us into the future. Natalie says” peace lies in the stillness and presence of being in the present” and ironically we spend our life chasing that space…” Working with energy, awareness and mindfulness offer different points of view on how to access the endless possibilities that exist for us. Natalie is proud to co host with Vikki Kelly,  “The One Minute Mindfulness Podcast show ( which will be dedicated to bringing together outstanding professionals who offer a variety of  ways to access that still point within, imperative for creating wellness and happiness.

Natalie hosts networking events and seminars for women ( and mentors women in business supporting them toward creating success both personally and professionally and has built a strong and dynamic community of women Australia Wide.  Having hosted over 100 events locally and internationally, Natalie has been acknowledged for her contribution to women in business as a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Awards of Excellence in 2011, 2012, 2013 and was awarded a Bronze award at the International Stevie Awards in New York in 2013 in the category “women helping women”.

Her new program Jewel Events, is directed at women who are ready to push through their challenges, face their demons and discover tools to create lasting change.

One of the gifts that Natalie is proud to have is her ability to bring people together, to create communities, to connect people together and to introduce THE best presenters to her audience.

Natalie is excited and honoured to be part of this program and looks forward to discovering more ingredients for her “recipe of life” philosophy to share with you.

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